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Welcome to Jesus Created Ministries (JCM) home page!

          We exist for the purpose of proclaiming Jesus as the Creator and Savior.  We are an educational ministry and work to help equip the church to uphold the authority of the Word of God, with a focus on Genesis 1-11.  See What We Believe for more information.

Join JCM on a 3 day/2 night adventure to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in the Cincinnati, OH area for $90/person! - click here for trip details or here for the registration form

There must be something very special about the Genesis account of creation for opponents to fight so hard to suppress these words.

Clarence Darrow, the ACLU lawyer arguing for the side of evolution during the 1925 Scopes Trial, made the case that it was wrong to only present one view of origins.  At the time, only a creation view was being presented.

How things have changed in this country. Now, evolution is the only view of origins being presented. To present multiple views of origins is education. To only present one view of origins is indoctrination. In an ever increasing manner, we now have our public institutions indoctrinating our culture in the faith of naturalistic evolution.



Help us proclaim Jesus as the Creator and Savior

Jesus Created Ministries (JCM) - Proclaiming Jesus as Creator and Savior
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