Ken Ham to Speak May 5&6 at OKC Homeschool Conference

Ken Ham Delivered Keynote Address at OKC Homeschool Conference

By Clint Bishard

Jesus Created Ministries


Ken Ham††††††††††† Ken Ham, president and founder of Answers in Genesis, has become one of the most in-demand creationist speakers.† His clear communication style, passion, and mixture of humor work to keep audiences attentive as he proclaims the authority of the Word of God starting in Genesis.†† Ken has been instrumental in getting the church to realize the critical nature of the creation/evolution issue.† Additionally, the Ministry of AiG is currently in the process of completing a 50,000 square foot creation museum in Cincinnati as a testimony to our Creator, Jesus Christ.†††


††††††††††† Ken delivered the keynote address and other talks at the 2006 Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Convention (OCHEC) in Oklahoma City on Friday, May 5.† This once a year conference was held at the Cox Business and Convention Center.† Kenís message pointed out how proclaiming Genesis is the key to rebuilding the foundation in our families and the culture.† He stated that our culture has lost the authority of the Word of God and this is a result of the church compromising on the text of Genesis 1-11.†


Ken delivered one the strongest challenges I have heard on the creation/evolution issue to those present at the conference.† He stated how some Christians will say they donít accept evolution, but they do accept the millions of years and this should be an acceptable Christian view.† However, Ken countered that evolution is just the symptom.† The real issue IS the millions/billions of years.† He stated that it was not biological evolution that started the church down the slippery slop of compromise, but the churchís acceptance of the millions of years.† By the church accepting the millions/billions of years of earth history, the Biblical view of origins was thrown out and the authority of the Word of God was compromised.† This opened the door for our culture to accept the non-Biblical view of origins that has arisen.† Now that our culture has thrown away the Biblical view of origins, it has likewise thrown away its message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.† He told those present that they needed to go back and ask their church leaders if they believed in millions/billions of years and to hold them accountable to what the Bible says if they were compromising.† Also, if their church leaders do not respond with Biblical answers and are not willing to be corrected on the issue, then they should consider finding churches that do or starting new ones themselves.


Jesus Created Ministries is committed to helping churches stand on this most critical issue and offers free creation presentations in the state of Oklahoma.† However, we would encourage all churches if they have the resources to consider bringing an Answers in Genesis presentation to their churches.† You can find more information on their website at



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