A significant part of our ministry is educating the Church and our culture on the significance of the creation/evolution issue and the evidence both biblically and scientifically for the Genesis account of creation.  Possible ministry opportunities are as follows:

AiG Creation Museum Bus trips - click here for trip details or here for registration form

We have speakers available for your church, school, homeschool group, or other possibilities in the Oklahoma vicinity. Speaking engagements are free of charge (love offering may be taken if desired). 

Bishard Family Creation Seminar for your Church - click here for details

Clint Bishard

Relevance of the Creation / Evolution Issue

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Darwin, Natural Selection, and the "Races"

Dating Methods

Astronomy Presentation and Star Party - click here for details

Creation, Evolution, and Science (public/private school talk)


Send request or inquiries to servant@JesusCreated.org or call 918-720-6763.