Opportunity to Help Oklahoma’s Pastors


Jesus Created Ministries would like to invite all of our supporters to join with us in an excellent opportunity to help Oklahoma’s pastors receive free creation resources.

Today, our pastors face many challenges.  One of them is clearly dealing with the evolutionary teaching that is now permeating our media and education systems.  However, many pastors do not feel equipped to deal with the creation/evolution issue given their lack of scientific education.  Additionally, others may not be aware of the excellent resources available that demonstrate the Bible’s accuracy scientifically.  Others may not know where to start concerning dealing with this issue.  Yet, Pastors are truly our God-given shepherds and one of our main lines of defense against error.  Therefore, helping Oklahoma’s pastors deal with the creation/evolution issue is one of the main objectives of Jesus Created Ministries.

For the reasons above, we have worked with some of the leading creation ministries (Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, and Biblical Discipleship Ministries) to compile a kit of some of the best creation DVDs and books from these ministries (you can see the full list of materials on our website).  We are calling these kits “Pastor’s Creation Resource Kits” and we plan to make them available to pastors in the state of Oklahoma free of charge.  Our only obligation is that the pastors watch/read the material personally or at least make these resources available to their congregations via their church libraries.

We are asking our supporters to prayerfully consider helping us financially to fund the purchase of these kits?  We make no profit on this project, and 100% of your tax deductible contribution will go directly towards purchasing the creation materials.  Additionally, the ministries involved have provided us significant discounts in putting these kits together.  In all, we will be able to provide almost $250 (retail) of creation materials in each kit for a small fraction of this cost.  So this represents an excellent opportunity for you to help us provide our pastors with creation resources at a very reasonable cost.

A generous donor has also offered a $2,000 matching gift for all donations given by the end of October, so your gift will be doubled if sent by the end of October.  Additionally, we will send you a copy of The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham for those who give a donation of any size.  This book is one of the resources in the kit and an excellent read for Christians to understand the framework of the creation/evolution debate.

You can make your tax deductible gift securely on our website via paypal, or your Visa or MasterCard, or make your checks payable to “Jesus Created Ministries” and mail to the address below.  Thank you for any support you can give for this project!


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