Are You Prepared for The Da Vinci Code

Are You Prepared for The Da Vinci Code?


By Dan Hicks

Jesus Created Ministries


     Are you prepared for the May 19, 2006 release of the movie The Da Vinci Code which asks the question: “What if everything you thought you knew about Jesus was wrong?”  The movie starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard is based on Dan Brown’s bestselling novel by the same title.  Over 40 million hardback copies have been purchased worldwide.

     Among the book’s central claims:  1) Jesus did not die, he survived the crucifixion; 2) Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married; 3) They had children and produced a bloodline that continues to this day; 4) The Catholic Church has used force and terror to keep this secret; and 5) Leonardo da Vinci left clues about this secret in his art.

     Although Dan Brown claims his book is fiction, many readers are hailing it as gospel truth.  This has Christian leaders concerned the release of the movie could set off one of the most controversial periods the church has faced in years.

     While I am pleased that church leadership recognizes The Da Vinci Code as a full frontal assault on Christianity, it surprises me how very few understand that the theory of evolution constitutes the exact same threat.  Several years ago from the pulpit of Tulsa Bible Church, John MacArthur said, “The single greatest attack on the Christian faith in the world today is the theory of evolution, because it is a direct assault on the person of Jesus Christ.”

     When Satan tempted Eve in the garden, his approach was to attack the authority of God’s word by questioning, “Hath God said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?”  Satan continues to question God’s command, saying, “You will not surely die.  For God knows that in the day you eat of it (the forbidden fruit) your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:1-5)

     Evolution challenges Jesus’ role as Creator by questioning the reliability of Genesis.  The Da Vinci Code challenges Jesus’ role as Savior by questioning the reliability of the Gospels.  In both cases, Satan’s attack is the same: Question The Authority Of Scripture.

     As we have seen with the creation vs. evolution issue, when the church ignores challenges to Holy Scripture, the next generation will adopt a more secular world view.  To a great extent, much of the current popularity of The Da Vinci Code is due to the failure of pastors to educate their congregations about church history, the origins of our Bible, and sound Christian doctrine.  Perhaps they were afraid such studies would raise too many questions.  Well, now the questions are here, whether they like it or not, and most Christians are not prepared to give answers.




     Josh McDowell and Campus Crusade for Christ International believe by responding wisely to The Da Vinci Code book and movie, the church can be strengthened and many nominal believers and seekers can be grounded in the true faith of Jesus Christ.

     At the University of Oregon, Campus Crusade for Christ adviser Mike Alverts and students plan to distribute booklets challenging the assertions

found in The Da Vinci Code.   “I don’t feel threatened by the book or movie, but this is a good opportunity to talk about this kind of stuff because people have questions,” said Alverts, adding, “In an era when fact and fiction are increasingly blurred, a novel can leave an assumption of validity.”

     The release of the movie presents a great opportunity to speak with your unsaved friends about the truth of the Gospel.  In an effort to help you prepare for these opportunities to share your faith, Josh McDowell has written a powerful booklet which addresses the claims of The Da Vinci Code.  We would encourage you to purchase copies of this booklet for your pastor, Sunday school teachers, and congregation.  Josh McDowell’s booklet is available at:  w w w . j o s h . o r g

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