Creationists are fools???


          At least that was the message the panel of “experts” tried to convey during a discussion of the Tulsa Zoo controversy at All Souls Unitarian Church Sunday Morning, Oct. 2, 2005.  However, the response was not surprising given the creationists' position was not represented among the panel and the real issues in the creation/evolution debate were avoided.  This did not go unnoticed as someone at the end of the discussion asked why the creationists’ position was not represented on the panel.  Brian Cross, who moderated the meeting, diverted the question to the lady responsible for setting up the meeting.  She responded by saying “Because we don’t need them.”  This was characteristic of the discrimination that has occurred at the Tulsa Zoo concerning the Genesis Display.


          The mistreatment of Biblical Creationists was surprising given the first panelist to speak, Jim Mishler, Director, Tulsa metropolitan Ministry, discussed how he was offended by the treatment he had received from the other side, and preached a message of inclusiveness and that we need to find ways to come together and discuss the issue together.  He first spent time stating that he was liberal in his beliefs and that although he was a United Methodists minister, he would be very close theologically to the Unitarian church.  He stated that evolution should not be seen as a threat to Christianity since he is a Christian and believes God used evolution to create the universe.  He believed the conservative side of Christianity seems to box God in by stating the creation had to occur a certain way.  He finished by emphasizing the real issue is trying to understand the nature of evil in the world and why bad things happen.

Note: Biblical Creationists are not ‘boxing God in,’ but letting Him tell us how He created, instead of the other way around.  Biblical Creationists let the Scriptures speak for themselves.  Similarly, we understand that the original creation did not include the presence of evil and bad things happening.  The presence of evil was the result of man’s sin as recorded in Genesis 3.  Jim’s dilemma results from his rejection of the literal reading of Genesis and death and suffering only occuring after Adam and Eve sinned.


          Next, Carol Eames, former Educational Director of the Tulsa Zoo, spent time making fun of the creationist' position by telling stories of encounters she had with different creationists through her time at the Tulsa Zoo.  She described how these creationists believe silly stories like Noah’s Ark and a global flood.  She used this experience with creationists and learned to use words like change and other terms to include evolutionary teaching at the Tulsa Zoo without specifically using the word ‘evolution’.  She taught that the Tulsa Zoo carried the designation of a living museum and used this to justify the position of the zoo teaching evolution, and that the zoo was not just about the animals.  She noted that the Tulsa Zoo was one of the only zoos in the country with an exhibit specifically focused on evolutionary teaching (the Time Gallery).  She stated believing in evolution was equivalent to believing in gravity.  She concluded by describing her experience with Dan Hicks and stated that Dan agreed to stop his complaints if the zoo agreed to put a disclaimer at the zoo entrance, redo the horse evolution, and make a change to the chimpanzee DNA exhibit.

Note: Dan states that he did not agree to such an agreement.  Also, gravity is observable and repeatable science, whereas evolution is a faith based position based on naturalism that cannot be observed and repeatably tested to confirm its assumptions.  Additionally, the Tulsa Zoo is a taxpayer funded institution and taxpayers deserve to have the creationists' viewpoint represented at the Tulsa Zoo given that the majority of Oklahoman’s are Creationists as shown by a Tulsa World, April 2000 poll.


          Next, Jim Busby, Director of the Oklahoma Museum Association, expressed the view that museums are places to tell stories and that we should embrace all creation stories.  He taught that “all roads lead to God,” even for the atheists, as “all roads lead to whatever you want to believe.”

Note: such a relativistic view to truth quickly fails any test of logic, and the truth still stands that the majority of Oklahoman’s identify themselves as creationists and yet are the only ones that have been singled out for discrimination at the Tulsa Zoo.


          Lastly, Dr. Peggy Hill, Biology Professor at the University of Tulsa, gave a very shameful dialogue of misinformation.  First, she stated that this issue was not a science controversy as scientists accept evolution just like they accept gravity.  Then they taught the normal evolutionists’ misconception that natural selection is the same things as evolution, and that natural selection is an undeniable fact of biology and therefore, so is evolution.  She made fun of creationists and stated “they should have paid more attention in school.”  She likewise made fun of President Bush for publicly indorsing the position of teaching multiple views of origins in our school systems.  She stated he was clearly “ignorant” like the other creationists.

Note: Gravity is observable and repeatable science, unlike particles-to-people evolution, which is a faith based system based on naturalism.  Also, creationists accept natural selection.  However, natural selection simply involves variation within a kind based on the variability that is already programmed within the creatures DNA code. No proof of 'evolution' has ever occurred in the sense of one creature turning into another creature as a result of natural selection.  See the JCM discussion on Natural Selection.  Lastly, the creation scientists in the audience are not simply “ignorant” of the teachings of evolutionist as Dr. Hill implied.  Likewise, contrary to what she stated, many scientist reject evolution.  For example, the Creation Research Society consists of 1,500 members who have at least a master’s degree in one of the natural sciences and reject the theory of evolution for the origin of life, and accept a Biblical Creation view as a superior model for our origin.



In a nutshell, the panel discussion at the All Souls Unitarian Church refused to address the real issues regarding the creation/evolution debate.  It appears the creationist view will continue to be discriminated against in the public forum as long as misinformation is continually spread in this manner.  And characterizing others as fools is a dangerous proposition considering the words of Jesus in the sermon on the Mount “But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire”.[1]


Help educate instead of indoctrinate by signing the Tulsa Zoo petition to include the creationists view at the Tulsa Zoo.  Go to to find out more.

[1]The New King James Version. 1996, c1982 (electronic ed.) (Mt 5:22). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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