Pastor’s Creation Resource Kit


Pastor’s Creation Resource Kit


Pastors, you are the church’s God-given shepherds and one of our main lines of defense against error.  Therefore, helping to equip you to deal with the creation/evolution issue is one of the main objectives of Jesus Created Ministries (JCM).  For this reason, we have worked with some of the leading creation ministries (Answers in Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, and Biblical Discipleship Ministries) to compile a collection of some of the best creation DVDs and books from these ministries (you can see the full list of materials below).  The generous donations from JCM supporters as well as significant discounts from the ministries listed above have made this effort possible. As a result, we have 100 kits available with more than $250 worth (retail) of creation materials in each kit.

These creation kits are now available to pastors in the state of Oklahoma free of charge.  Our ONLY obligation is that the pastors watch/read the material personally OR make these resources available to their congregations via their church libraries (doing both would be ideal!).  Therefore, if you are a pastor in the state of Oklahoma and would like to take advantage of this free collection of resources, then send an email to and let us know.  We should have your kit in the mail to you within a couple of weeks.  Please include the following information in your email:

·        Pastor’s name

·        Church name

·        Church’s or pastor’s mailing address



Below is the list of resources included in each kit:



The kits include a framed 12” x 19” Genesis 1 print from the Tulsa Zoo controversy.  Dan Hicks spent a considerable amount of money developing this artwork with a nationally renowned photographer and artist.  What was rejected from being included in the Tulsa Zoo’s exhibit on origins, we hope will be proudly displayed on the walls of Pastor's offices or Church hallways.  Additionally, the following DVDs and books are also included:



  • Why won’t they listen (Ken Ham) – DVD
  • The Lie: Evolution (Ken Ham) - book





Geology / Earth Science

  • Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe (Dr. Steve Austin) – DVD
  • Thousands… Not Billions – DVD
  • Thousands… Not Billions (DeYoung) – book
  • Biblical Geology (Dr. Tas Walker) – DVD





Biology / Life Science

  • Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution II (Dr. Job Martin) – DVD 
  • Only One Race (Ken Ham) – DVD
  • The Great Dinosaur Mystery: Solved (Ken Ham) – book






  • Starlight and Time (Dr. Humphreys) – DVD
  • Creation Astronomy (Dr. Jason Lisle) – DVD
  • Dismantling the Big Bang (Williams & Hartnett) - book






  • Refuting Compromise (Jonathan Sarfati) – book
  • The New Answers Book (Ken Ham, general editor) - book
  • Inherently Wind: Scopes Trail (Menton) – DVD







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