The Battle of the World Views

The Battle of the Worldviews: Part 1


By Clint Bishard

Jesus Created Ministries


††††††††††† The battle concerning which worldview our country will take in the future is a hot one.† Particularly, I would like to discuss what I believe are the two leading worldviews in our country today; the creationist/Christian worldview and the naturalist/evolution worldview.†

The creationist/Christian worldview accepts the supernatural and believes that there is a God who created us with a purpose, communicated His truth to us, and that He also created standards by which we will be held accountable to Him.† The naturalist has accepted the man made philosophies of evolution and that all of our existence is the result of a purposeless chance random process over millions/billions of years and our accountability is only to each other.

Unfortunately, we are able to see that our culture is turning from a Biblically based creationist worldview to a naturalist worldview.† The end result of this change is that as people develop their thinking on the naturalistic worldview, they likewise tend to reject that they are sinners accountable to God and in need of Jesus as Savior.† This is clearly evident in the once Christian England, where the naturalistic worldview now dominates and less than 10% attend church on an average week.

Many in the church try to somehow mix these different worldviews and believe that it will turn out alright in the end for their congregations/children and etc.† However, national statistics are showing contrary as the percentage of people claiming Christ as their Lord and Savior is decreasing with every generation (some show as much as 70-80% of children raised in Christian homes are walking away from the faith after they leave the house).† Likewise, the statistics show that those confessing Christ are not living according to Godís standards, but more in line with the Ďaccountability only to othersí standard of naturalism.†

I believe the spreading of the naturalistic/evolution worldview is the significant issue contributing to these statistics.† Additionally, I believe much of the church is asleep concerning what happens when our children are indoctrinated with this naturalistic worldview and are even compromising and accepting parts of it.† Therefore, I hope you will join me next week as I continue to make this point in part 2 and show how the largest scientific society in the world is planning an evolutionary assault on our culture like never before.† They understand where the battle is for the minds of our culture!


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