Darwin’s Deadly Deception and the Devil’s Gospel

Darwin’s Deadly Deception and the Devil’s Gospel, Part 1


By Clint Bishard

Jesus Created Ministries


Currently, Charles Darwin[1] is celebrated throughout the world, by both religious and non-religious, by the scientific community as well as by many of the non-scientifically minded.  Some of the churches (liberal churches, I will add) throughout our land recently celebrated a day in honor of Darwin.  Even the Catholic Church has expressed public support of Darwinian evolution (common decent).  So what did Darwin do that has made his name synonymous with what many consider to be a true understanding of the origin of all of life on earth today (Darwinism)?  Did he invent the concept of evolution?  Did he prove evolution to be a scientific fact?

In this series of articles, I want us to look at what Darwin did that was right.  Then, I want us to look at what Darwin did that was wrong and has resulted in a deadly deception that has moved many away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ as Creator and Savior.  As a result, many have now bought into the Devil’s gospel of naturalism (more on the use of this term later) and turned away from their only hope of salvation, Jesus Christ.

First, did Darwin invent the concept of evolution?  Clearly, no.  People familiar with the development of the evolutionary hypothesis know that the concept of all current life forms developing from previous and simpler life forms existed long before Darwin.  As “Darwin’s Bulldog,” Professor Thomas H. Huxley stated in his tribute on the acceptance of Darwin’s views:

“The oldest of all philosophies, that of Evolution, was bound hand and foot and cast into utter darkness during the millennium of theological scholasticism [Authors note: I assume Huxley is speaking of the time of Christian influence].  But Darwin poured new life-blood into the ancient frame; the bonds burst, and the revivified thought of ancient Greece has proved itself to be a more adequate expression of the universal order of things than any of the schemes which have been accepted by the credulity and welcomed by the superstition of seventy later generations of men.”[2]

Additionally, Darwin himself gave a historical sketch in the beginning of his book on ‘origins’ of the different people before him who had discussed the concept of the origin of species.  In this sketch he even noted those who had touched on his same concept without having fully detailing what he had discovered and clearly explained.  Darwin’s own Grandfather before him was a promoter of the hypothesis of evolution.  So, although the name Darwin is now synonymous with evolution, he is not the inventor of the hypothesis.

I hope you will join me next time as we look at what it was that Darwin did that has so tied him to the hypothesis of evolution.


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[2] Francis Darwin, The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Vol. 1, Chapter 1.14 (Huxley ‘ON THE RECEPTION OF THE ‘ORIGIN OF SPECIES’).

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