Darwin’s Deadly Deception and the Devil’s Gospel

Darwin’s Deadly Deception and the Devil’s Gospel, Part 2


By Clint Bishard

Jesus Created Ministries

We started this series of articles seeing that Darwin was not the inventor of the hypothesis of evolution, but just one of many who had bought into the lie that all living things on earth have a common ancestor.  Darwin did not invent, nor did he claim to invent, the hypothesis of evolution that he so successfully pushed on the world through his ideas.

So, what is it that has made Darwin’s name synonymous with evolution?  Did he prove evolution to be a scientific fact as many are claiming today?  Not hardly. Darwin himself expressed the nature of his hypothesis in a personal letter to A. R. Wallace in May of 1857:

“It is really IMPOSSIBLE to explain my views (in the compass of a letter), on the causes and means of variation in a state of nature; but I have slowly adopted a distinct and tangible idea,--whether true or false others must judge; for the firmest conviction of the truth of a doctrine by its author, seems, alas, not to be the slightest guarantee of truth!...”[1] 

Also, just after the publication of Darwin’s famous book a year and a half later, he stated the following in a personal letter to John Lubbock:

“There are so many valid and weighty arguments against my notions, that you, or any one, if you wish on the other side, will easily persuade yourself that I am wholly in error, and no doubt I am in part in error, perhaps wholly so, though I cannot see the blindness of my ways.  I dare say when thunder and lightning were first proved to be due to secondary causes, some regretted to give up the idea that each flash was caused by the direct hand of God.”[2] 

So we can see that even though Darwin believed his views, he still acknowledged that there were “weighty arguments” against his views.  Darwin’s view of common decent was, and still is, not scientific fact comparable to such scientific views as the Law of Gravity (like many in the scientific community try to correlate it to today).  Darwin did not prove evolution by any means, but what he did do has elevated his name to be synonymous with the hypothesis of evolution.  I hope you will join me next week as we continue this discussion.


[1] Francis Darwin, The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Vol. 1, Chapter 1.7 (Charles Darwin to A. R. Wallace, Moor Park, May 1 st, 1857).

[2] Francis Darwin, The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Vol. 2, Chapter 2.1 (Charles Darwin to John Lubbock, Ilkley, Yorkshire, Saturday [November 12th, 1859]).

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